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Our Dealer packages are uniquely transparent and flexible to ensure you deliver exceptional service to your customers including:
  • Site risk assessment, control procedures and auditing
  • Pump maintenance & EPOS 7 day service contracts
  • Site point of sale & uniforms
  • Image installation & service
  • Fuels & lubricants
  • Wet stock control
  • Card payment services
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Site Risk Assessment, Control Procedures and Auditing

This is a free of charge service to our dealers provided by Suresite.

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Suresite was established in 1994 as a dedicated compliance and risk management company for the petroleum forecourt sector. This specialist service helps you ensure your site meets all the requirements of the Petroleum Enforcement Authorities. This service is also an opportunity to share and deliver best practice through training and assessment. Site inspections are delivered by trained professionals with considerable experience in their relevant fields. The aim is to ensure that the best practices of the APEA ‘Blue Book’, a recognised industry standard, are adhered to and that there are no disruptions to a site’s trading abilities.

The process:

Suresite will visit your chosen sites on a six monthly program and assess the record keeping on site. They will make a note of all your current licences, service records and certificates to ensure accuracy. A key issue that prevents operation on a Petrol Forecourt is the incorrect recording of certification. This includes the certificate being provided by an inappropriately qualified service operator. Suresite will assess the provision for fuel deliveries and the ability for staff to accept and process deliveries competently. This includes the safety and security of all procedures involved from delivery to dispensing. Housekeeping and visibility are assessed, including lighting provision and safety of staff, contractors and customers whilst on site. Suresite pay particular attention to incident control and the signage required to ensure safety on site. They also have additional checks in place for the operation of unattended sites.

A legal requirement of any business with five employees or more (including the owner) is to conduct and regularly review a site risk assessment. Suresites detailed approach to understanding risk is designed to not only safeguard staff, customers and contractors but also to ensure potential hazards are highlighted and corrected before they pose a problem.

The process:

The Risk Assessment is provided in various modules to suit the Dealers business. The focus should always be on identifying and preventing any potential hazard – rather than simply seeking to rectify the damage. As they say, prevention is better than cure. The Suresite team will visit your service station to complete an in-depth assessment of areas such as:

  • Musculo-skeletal injury – We assess locations throughout your sites including but not limited to: offices, receptions, forecourts, landscaped areas, shops and workshops.
  • Fire – An examination of all the potential issues in relation to fire is undertaken. This covers the provision in place for the ability of a safe exit and any potential for ignition.
  • Environmental – Suresite will provide advice and assistance on the reduction of environmental effects from hazardous substances and the damage these can cause to people using your site. All of our recommendations take into account any relevant regulation.
  • Property – Suresite also provide assessment of risks to your site from a security standpoint, covering risks such as theft, vandalism and violence. They offer detailed advice on how best to mitigate these risks and improve your site’s security procedures.
Pump Maintenance & EPOS 7 Day Service Contracts

This on-site service package is provided to your site directly by Tokheim.

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They maintain and service a full range of forecourt and shop equipment, both their own and an extensive range of third party products. Local knowledge, further supported by a global team of service experts ensures enhanced uptime for equipment on your service station. Tokheim call centres operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide real-time assistance when you need it. Their highly trained help desk teams are based locally and understand the unique requirements of the markets in which they provide support services.

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Fuels & Lubricants

As one of the largest independent blenders of road fuels, Harvest Energy caters for all vehicle requirements.
Grades supplied include:

  • Unleaded
  • Super Unleaded
  • Diesel
  • Bio Diesel
  • 10 ppm Gasoil
  • Red Diesel
  • Kerosene

Fuels supplied by Harvest Retail meet stringent quality controls, and grades adhere to relevant national and international specifications. In accordance with current legislation, all our road fuels are supplied sulphur-free (i.e. having less than 10 parts per million of sulphur content).

Harvest Retail standard road fuels suit all vehicle engines without the need for any modifications, and comply in full with vehicle manufacturer warranties.

What’s in our package?

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Wet Stock Control

Through a number of key suppliers, Harvest Retail provides a complete range of services designed to maximise fuel profitability, from calibrating tank gauges to real-time fuel monitoring, giving you greater visibility of your stock.
Whether the issue is fuel losses, contamination, leaks, maintenance or forecourt repairs, wet stock management can help identify the problem and provide the right solution, allowing you to concentrate on other more pressing parts of the business.

Card Payment Services
Table of Suresite card payment options
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