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Welcome to the Harvest Fuel Card:
Saving you money at the pump

The Harvest Card allows our customers to save money by purchasing fuel at wholesale prices. Harvest Energy is part of the State Oil Group of companies which imports petroleum products from refineries world wide. Purchasing direct from Harvest you can avoid additional costs charged by retailers or other fuel card agents.

The Harvest Card is accepted at both the UK Fuels and Key Fuels Networks which comprises of over 2000 sites nationwide. This extensive coverage includes sites situated on major motorways, highways and access routes.

We also have over 100 “Harvest Energy” branded petrol forecourts where the card is also accepted.


  • Pricing platform to suit all business needs
  • No hidden fees or non-usage charges
  • Transparent pricing with additional savings
  • No minimum spend, or transaction fees
  • Only pay for the fuel you draw
  • Wholesale prices at retail forecourts
  • Competative fixed weekly pricing
  • 24hr emergency stop facililty
  • A trusted and recognised brand
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Access to your own on-line account
  • Flexible payment options
  • Free online site locator and mobile apps

Who uses fuel cards?

Fuel cards are now used by fleets of all sizes, from the self employed to the large coporate entity.

How do fuel cards work?

A Fuel card authorises payment of fuel at designated petrol stations nationwide. Each transaction is recorded against the fuel card and weekly invoices and transaction reports are then compiled and delivered to the customer for payment. Fuel cards work in a very similar way to credit and debit card but significantly reduce the risk of theft.

What are the benefits?

Fuel card eliminate the need for cash, credit card transactions and collation of receipts which subsequently improves the efficiency of processing and administration by providing detailed reports and transaction summaries for all drawings nationwide.

With chip and pin technology and detailed reporting, fuel cards minimise the risk of theft and fraudulent use, making them a much safer option for fleet managers.

Search for a fuel card site

A free online site locator and mobile app makes it easy to locate a Fuel Card site. Simply enter a town or postcode to find the nearest site.

Other features include:

  • Suitable for Android, iPhones and Blackberry
  • See your closest and most appropriate filling station displayed by Google Maps.
  • The app uses the phone’s inbuilt GPS signal and network location to identify your position, directing you quickly and easily to your chosen location.
  • Tailor your search to find sites most suitable for different vehicles types from HGV’s to LCV’s.
  • No more unnecessary detours
  • Helps to reduce fuel waste and fleet costs.

Terms and conditions

Why get a card?

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards can offer a saving against ‘pump price’ at selected forecourts and they can support positive cash flow combined with flexible payment plans.

Networks we offer

  • Keyfuels
  • UK Fuels
  • FastFuels
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